Sami Ofer Stadium Haifa. Architects KSS London, Mansfeld-Kehat Haifa

The new 30,000 capacity football stadium in Haifa has been designed according to UEFA category 4 standart and to FIFA regulations. As a modern stadium the building is multi- functional and contains sport clubs,restaurants, shops and sport museum in addition to all the facilities for players and

fans, in the highest standards.

We believe that a football game is”the best show in Town” and as architects we have to provide the best condition for this to happen.

The seats are all covered with a golden roof, made from aluminum shingles. The tiersare designed as a  ”bowl” to create a special atmosphere. All the seats has excellent views to the pitch and to the large screens on the east – south and north west corners.

The north, east and south tribunes are divided to lower tiers and upper tiers. The vomitories and stairs all start from a mid level that goes all around the stadium. This level, the concourse, contains kiosks and toilets. The entrances system is electronic, very efficient and lets the spectators to their seats in a short time.

The western side of the stadium, the “main building”, includes 6 levels. The 1 st is for

dressing rooms for 4 teams of players, inspectors and referees. The 2 nd floor is for the media and conference room. The VIP entrance is on the 3 rd floor, as well as the team shops and the sport museum. The clubs and restaurants are located on the 4 th floor. The 5 th floor includes 36 private boxes and the 6 th floor is for the commentators’ booths,T.V studios, the main cameras and control room.

The new stadium acts as a striking new landmark for the city and has gained excellent opinions from spectators, players and UAFA officials.