Sapir College

Sapir College expresses the boldness of the Zionist ideal and the ambition of Jews around the world. Today, Sapir, with its 7,500 students is the largest public college in Israel, and has become a focal point for the Shaar Hanegev region. Here, in the heart of a frontier area, and in the midst of a population of new immigrants, Bedouins and agricultural settlements, a unique campus was built. The campus contains 12 institutions ranging from an elementary school to a college, and even a day center for senior citizens. Sapir combines the needs of the local community with academic excellence. To this end, the college has developed innovative learning programs, advanced teaching techniques and a beautiful green campus. Our goal was to create a unique character for the school and we find that students from all over Israel are attracted to Sapir. They live in dormitories in the local kibbutzim and in the city of Sderot, and have contributed greatly to upgrading the image of this area. The college is the biggest employer in the Western Negev, and is the cultural and communal center for the area. A high-tech industrial park was established nearby, offering employment to the local inhabitants and graduates, encouraging many to remain in the area.