Art Faculty University of Haifa

The Art Faculty is a 7,800 square meter building in the campus of Haifa University. It is the new home for the Arts department of the University.

The building is located in the northern part of the campus, between the main building and the IBM building. It links the future entrance plaza of the university and the main building, fits into the landscape and harmonize with the skyline of the university.

The facade of the building is designed as a curved line that fits the topography. It overlooks the magnificent view of the Haifa Bay and includes a section of the Promenade, located north of the university.

As an Art Faculty  the building contains a wide range of workshops ,music  rooms, studios, computer labs as well as rehearsal spaces for the theater department.

The main concept of the building is to organize all the workshops and studios in three vertical concrete blocks.  The three blocks are wrapped by an open atrium for The entire height of the building. The Atrium is used for student activities and provides visitors with a glimpse to the students’ work.

This concept reflects the tension between the  programmatic demands for enclosed spaces and the  vision to keep maximum contact between the internal parts of the building and the environment that surrounds it.

All corridors and connecting spaces are designed as galleries equipped with Facilities for hanging displays and illuminations. The simple and basic  finishing materials  provide background for the students work and creating an unofficial atmosphere that encourages creativity.